Private Boarding

Souther California Pet Boarding




BOARDING means your dogs become our house guests.  They can roam wherever they want, inside or outside.  No cages, crates, or confinements (unless you want them confined).  If they stay inside, we’ll let take them outside as many times as they need.

PRIVATE means we only board one client’s dog(s) at a time.  The only caveat is that most of us have our own pets so we need to a quick meet-n-greet to make sure all the animals get along.

Rate:  $50-$65 per day

*Limited availability.  Please plan in advance.




Same for dog walking and pet sitting.  Rates are the same for up to two dogs.

Time 15min 30min 45min 60min
Rate  $  16  $  21  $  26  $  31