Dog days of summer: chilling with le chien

8/31/2010 / U Want to Go Go
Planning a farewell-to-summer trip to the beach this week? Schedule your jaunt for September 1st and Big Sky Dogs (bonded and insured) will perambulate with your pup courtesy of Wine Woof Wednesdays at Pourtal Wine Bistro in Santa Monica. Your dog gets a walk while you sample the constantly changing, 40+ wines by the ounce, available via automated machines. You’ll have to spend $25 to qualify for the free dog-walking but that will be a pleasure given Pourtal’s additional 25+ wines by the glass and creative food menu, organized into “toothpick”, “fork”, “knife” and “spoon” categories. And if you can’t bear to part with your pooch, keep him by your side on the patio-with-a-sea-view. One taste of the duck rillettes and you’ll both feel like you’ve been vacationing on the Riviera. (Hint: the more wine you consume, the more Santa Monica looks like St. Tropez.) Read more >>

Santa Monica’s Dog Friendly Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar: Wine Woof Wednesday

4/30/2010 / West LA Pets Examiner

x-41662-West-LA-Pets-Examiner~y2010m4d30-Santa-Monicas-Pourtal-Wine-Tasting-Bars-Wine-Woof-WednesdayBy Cori Solomon: Summer is coming, what better time to find fun and different activities for you and your dog. Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar, Santa Monica has paired up with Big Sky Dogsoffering an event once a month for wine and dog lovers. Wine Woof Wednesday occurs the first Wednesday of each month beginning May 5th, 7 to 9 PM, continuing through October. Enjoy a sampling of wine and receive Free Dog Walking with any purchase over $25. Drink and eat while your pooch enjoys a walk along Palisades Park.

Pourtal has a front patio where you enjoy sips of wine while your canine kids nibble special tasty treats by Dogswell. Read more >>

Packed and prepared: Better safe than sorry makes for one less thing to stress over while on vacation

6/11/2009 / Pasadena Weekly

By Joanna Beresford: There’s more to traveling than just baggage. If you haven’t adequately prepared for life on the road or in the air; if you haven’t researched your destinations; if you don’t bring the essential clothing, money, phones and cameras; and most importantly, if you haven’t made proper arrangements for your home, pets and all the things you’re leaving behind, you will be burdened with something heavier than a suitcase full of bricks. You’ll be burdened by worry and frustration. So do what I’m so terrible at doing: get organized

First of all, establish a sacred space in your home where you accumulate everything related to your trip. Start with a notebook. This notebook will function like the Bible in your Travel Temple, and the Bible should begin with a Book of Lists.  Read more >>




Same for dog walking and pet sitting.  Rates are the same for up to two dogs.

Time 15min 30min 45min 60min
Rate  $  16  $  21  $  26  $  31