Big Sky Dogs Team Ashley


Ashley has been working with animals since she joined the Petco grooming team in 2008. She has been with Big Sky Dogs since 2011. Ashley loves all animals and treats every animal as if they were her own. She has three dogs at home. Two Chihuahua brothers (Tank and Bam Bam) and a German Wirehaired Pointer (Chelsea). She also fosters dogs that get abandoned at Petco. Ashley shows her pointer and Chelsea also has her Junior Hunting title. She is also currently working towards her Undergraduate degree in History with the hopes of becoming a history professor.

Big Sky Dogs Team


Brittany grew up in upstate New York where she started pet sitting. Between that and raising a crazy, and spirited yellow lab, Brewster, she was inspired to work toward the well being of animals. Since She moved to L.A, She has gotten a unique perspective dog-walking around the city.  Brittany has also been a vegan for over four years!


Ken is the owner of Big Sky Dogs. He took over the pack in April 2011 and he still can’t believe he gets paid to do this.  Before Big Sky Dogs, Ken spent 10+ years in a cubicle cranking out flowcharts and spreadsheets.  He got his BS from USC and MBA from UCLA. When he is not working, he enjoys running, hiking, and cycling.  He is perpetually trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon; he thinks he will make it by keeping his pace until he turns 70. Ken lives with a pair of dachshunds and a lab.

Kymm Big Sky Dogs Team


Kymm has been a dog walker since 2008, at first in New York, where she walked dogs in either hip deep snow or pouring rain seemingly year round; she really appreciates the weather here on the West Coast. Like you wouldn’t believe, she appreciates it. Kymm is an actress, because it’s the law in LA, and loves all dogs and cats, even the really noisy ones across the street who woke her up just now.

Big Sky Dogs Team


Rae has been working in the animal field on and off for 15 years. From large groups of all shapes, sizes and personalities in a doggie day care setting to one on one, doing in-home pet sitting and dog walking. Her joy comes from the peace of mind she gives the parents while they are away be it for the day, week or month and the loyalty they’ve shown her over the many years. The love and affection she’s gained from getting to know dogs as treasured friends has provided the most rewarding work in her life. Hiking, gardening and cooking are just some of the many hobbies she enjoys and when not attending to your dog’s every need, she’ll be attending to her own dog Skip.

Big Sky Dogs


Originally from Pennsylvania, Scott is an outdoor enthusiast.  He’s lived in Yellowstone and Grand Canyon National Parks and has traveled all over the Rocky Mountains, where’s he hiked close to 500 miles.  He’s trained as a rafting guide on the Arkansas River in Colorado.  And he’s summited Grand Teton in Grand Teton National Park, WY.  He and his first dog, a yellow Labrador Retriever, spent many days exploring the woods around his hometown of Scranton, PA, and it was his first dog, in fact, that inspired him in his teens to begin volunteering at veterinarian clinics.  His love for animals has never ceased.  While living in Arizona, he frequently volunteered at the kennel on the South Rim of the Canyon, walking dogs that had been abandoned by vacationing families.  Now an 8-year resident of SoCal, Scott finds the temperate climate a perfect excuse to get outside often (though he much prefers cool weather and grey skies!).  Recently, Scott decided to brave the L.A. traffic and start bicycling again – something he’s not done since his undergraduate and graduate years on bike-friendly college campuses.  Because of his Lab’s influence while growing up, Scott is especially fond of sporting and working dogs.  Like most of them, he loves a decent jaunt around town, and he values any opportunity for quality canine companionship.


Shannon’s been working as a professional pet sitter in the LA area since 2004. She is originally from Southern California, but also spent 9 years living in the Bay Area, were her interest in animal care began through volunteer work at a wildlife sanctuary. She enjoys various outdoor activities, including hiking, camping and bird watching.

Big Sky Dogs Team


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